New blog up.
Followed a few of you babes.

Hey. Important post. Read it!

Looks like I might have to give up this blog because someone/something has changed my password?

I’ve tried every variation of every password I currently use or have used since high school. None are working.

Also I’m not getting any of the troubleshot emails, even though it shows that my email is correct? That’s what’s really bugging me…. Can’t figure oh why I’m not receiving them then??

I tried to reset my email but I must know my current password to do that and my current password has apparently been changed…

I’m in a bit of a bind here.

Currently accessing from the mobile site, which is shit… I won’t maintain a blog this way.

If I don’t get it sorted out in the next few days, I might set up a new one just to follow friends, but not really sure yet. if you have a Wordpress or whatever you can message me here or on FB and I can give you a link to that.
It’s pretty different this this blog and I post less often, but whatever.

Heads up~

Also tagging a couple people I mutually follow. Sorry to clog your tags, y’all!

Also sorry if I can’t remember your URL…:/

my school is literally the only school in the entire city open today.


i’ve even heard as far as the only school in middle tennessee open, but i’m sure some other private school somewhere is open. the vast majority are closed though, including all other universities.

they openly admitted people could get frostbite or hypothermia walking outside, yet they are making upperclassman on-campus residents walk upwards of 20 MINUTES in negative degree weather.

many of those students (self included) are wildly unprepared for this sort of weather?
i don’t own a real winter coat and i don’t even know if i have gloves? i certainly don’t have the socks or shoes for this…

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literally all of my major research projects/research papers for the whole semester are due on the same two days april 22 and 23.


2 of them are 20 pages.


i really wonder what would happen if i weren’t the one who stayed at our house all the time?

like, my roommate didn’t know to let water drip or leave cabinets open for pipe purposes.

i don’t think she’s ever cleaned a bathroom in her life? i clean the sink and mirror and toilet and also the main part of the bath/shower, but i don’t clean were her soaps/shampoos are and that shit is g r o s s.

also i always have to clean the whole kitchen and sweep the whole house?

i really don’t understand.

kudos to getting the mail and doing the trash once a month, but uh, at least sweeping sometimes might be more helpful? idk.

The vast majority of work you will do in this course will be done in class.
The most blessed words any prof could ever say

I know my friends up north (and from the north who attend my university) give us Southerners a ton of shit about being so sensitive to the cold, but I think it is really hysterical that almost every other school (including several universities) in middle tennessee is closed, yet for now we’re still going holding classes. The region (and the people…) are really unprepared for any kind of winter weather, and it’s the coldest it’s been in decades???

Roads will surely ice. It has rained all day and will be negative temperatues tonight.

The school said this in a campus-wide email:

"Monday’s high is currently expected to be 9 degrees with wind chills making it feel much colder. Prolonged exposure to such temperatures can lead to frostbite and hypothermia so please dress appropriately and limit time outdoors."

So…The admin is openly admitting that by making us attend classes and walk across campus we could be at risk for frostbite or hypothermia, but who cares?? Dress appropriately!

Uh, I am from the South and don’t own a winter coat? How the fuck am I supposed to dress for -12 (with wind) weather??????

Also, how am I supposed to leave my house/get to campus when my road wasn’t treated for ice??

trying to do “new”/different things every day for the first week of the year.

  • tried Thai food for the first time (two different dishes)
  • tried oysters for the first time
  • started a new book
  • drank a whole glass of champagne (and didn’t hate it????????)
  • had some other kind of alcohol idk? was also good?
  • sort of~ let my hairdresser do what she wanted with it instead of micromanaging everything about my hair (i cheated a little and gave her the guidelines, “i want to be able to put it up and put a shade of in it”)
  • pink is a color i haven’t had in my hair before (for longer than 2 hours…THERE WAS AN ACCIDENT ONCE)
  • today i am going to order something new at a place where i’m a usual
  • and also do something else. hm what ELSE THO. start the new season of downton hardly counts….

HM. books i want to read out of class this year:

  • follow me
  • the great divorce
  • crazy love
  • the fellowship of the ring (again-read this in middle school)
  • erasing hell: what God said about eternity and the things we’ve made up
  • anything Nouwen?
  • Bonhoeffer: pastor, martyr, prophet, spy
  • UH. one of Beauvoir’s autobiographies!

other stuff.


i’ll be in Quebec for a month, and i don’t think i’ll bring any english books besides my Bible? that’s a solid reading month gone and stresses me out a lot….

Just got hair done. Now getting new headband. And new moleskine planner. And a new book. (praises for gift cards??)

Also. I have been successful in doing something new/different every day this year. Whoooo~


The fact that this episode is 10 years old and Beyoncé is even more relevant today is just fabulous

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